LA Wraps Makes History With Ambitious Marketing Promotion for Katy Perry

Jason our lead installer on this project installs precious conform chrome gold onto the bumper of this tractor.

Quite possibly the largest color change wrap ever conceived or achieved. This full size 53′ trailer with sleeper cab tractor was wrapped in gold chrome. Every square inch that could be wrapped was covered in this pricey hard to work with vinyl. From the top of the container to the back of the sleeper cab to the ladders and even wheels, we left virtually no hard surface uncovered. Coming in at approximately $100 per square yard for the cost of material alone this gold truck lives up to its appearance!

We were tasked to execute this challenging wrap for a well known A-list client under a tight timeline and with exacting specifications for wrap coverage and lettering size, alignment, and placement. Once the gold layer was laid down, giant 6′ tall plotter cut letters were individually placed and aligned using our proprietary techniques to ensure perfect alignment and spacing.

The truck subsequently traveled across the country and generated a ton of social media buzz and attention as a promotional and marketing tool.

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