Terms and Conditions

• WARRANTY: We guarantee our installation workmanship of cast vinyl wrap film for 1 year from the date of installation and will repair/replace any peeling sections and fix in the manner that we deem appropriate. Perforated window areas, and die cut vinyl are also guaranteed for 1 year from the date of installation. Absolutely no refunds on wraps due to: peeling, tearing, cracking, bubbles, shrinking, delaminating, fading, car paint and body work failure, scratches, and/or paint discoloration. Please note that the longer a wrap has been on a car, the harder it is to remove.

• Los Angeles Wraps cannot accept responsibility for consequential damages or loss of any kind resulting from the sale, installation, or removal of our wrap products. Los Angeles Wraps cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to car or articles left in cars in case of fire, theft, or any other cause beyond our control.

• Any changes or modifications to any order must be in writing. Wrap graphics and content not supplied by the client will be approved for color and content by the client. Any graphics and content provided by the client are the responsibilty of the client for spelling and completeness. After a design proof and print proof have been approved, all spelling and color are deemed to have been approved by the client. Any changes subsequent to the proof approvals will result in additional costs of design and printing.

• Because proofs are 2 dimensional and a car is 3 dimensional, proofs may vary in exact placement on paper or screen vs the final wrap. Especially around moldings, deep grooves, etc, minor changes may be made by the installer to optimize legibility and style. Proofs are designed to give a preview of the completed wrap but cannot 100% predict the final placement of every graphic to every point on the car. Final graphics may vary in placement from the preview because of the stretching and shrinking process of wrap application. Complicated and critical alignment of graphics at seams and edges, should be avoided to reduce the possibility of misaligned graphics. Graphics should be designed with generous breathing room around critical text and graphics from difficult corners, door handles, etc.

• Any and all artwork created by Los Angeles Wraps is the property of Los Angeles Wraps. This does not include copyrighted or trademarked artwork or logos but does include artwork that is created by Los Angeles Wraps. Los Angeles Wraps will provide layered artwork for customers at their request but the customer will incur an Art Release fee. This fee is based on design time and the complexity of the artwork.

• Some areas of the wrap may be forced to stretch and turn more than others depending on the contours and location on the vehicle. This may result in some color shifts and is normal and not a sign of defective printing and/or installation. Certain places on a car should not be covered with wrap vinyl. This includes (but is not limited to) rubber moldings, unpainted plastic molding (especially surfaces with a texture).

• Wrap vinyl is best applied to factory paint jobs. Any substandard surfaces may result in premature failure of wrap and/or paint damage. It is the client’s responsibility to assess the state of the vehicle and determine its suitability for wrap application. Los Angeles Wraps will not be liable for damage caused during wrap installation including, but not limited to, paint peeling or damage upon subsequent future removal of wrap.

• We do our best to provide colors according to your specifications. There may be slight color variations on glass perforated panels from wrap vinyl. Customers concerned about specific shades of color are encouraged to see all printouts prior to application on the vehicle to avoid additional labor charges. Please review proofs carefully.

• All wrap, design, and installation services must pay a 50% deposit in advance of any work being started. Vehicle may not be picked up until payment has been made in full.

• Vehicles must arrive clean and ready to wrap. No previous wraps, grease, or tar. Do not wax vehicles prior to wrap appointment. Client will be assessed a cleaning charge of $100.00 if the vehicle is not clean and ready for wrapping.

• If Los Angeles Wraps has to remove a wrap installed by another company, Los Angeles Wraps cannot be held liable for any damages to the vehicle during wrap removal. We will do our best to remove the wrap without using any metal tools against the paint and will try our best to lift the wrap off without paint damage. If vinyl cannot be removed, we can re-wrap over the old vinyl.

• Wrap vinyl will be applied over existing graphics present on the vehicle. Existing graphics are often meant to be permanent and attempting to remove them may be difficult or damaging. A slight embossing effect of the old graphic under the new wrap may be visible. Los Angeles Wraps vinyl are designed to be removable at a future date.

• In no circumstances whatsoever shall Los Angeles Wraps be liable to the buyer, arising out of the supply of goods, exceed the invoice value of those goods.

• It is the responsibility of the client to verify the legalities of on-road use of wraps. Different juridictions may differ in the legality of wraps especially on window coverage. Please verify with your local DMV office if you have any concerns about issues of legality.

• If a wrap begins to lift, please bring back the wrap for repairs. The sooner the better. Small areas of lifting are common and normal in any wrap installation. We will utilize best practice procedures and techniques to maximize adhesion and wrap performance.

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